SB Hopper 2017

On the Streets: Holy Smoke

On 20 January 2017 I spent the first part of the day at Westlake Park in Seattle to get photos of a Student Walkout protesting President Donald Trump's Inauguration. People weren't there in numbers, so I walked back to Capitol Hill. Stopped to take some photos along the way. holy-smoke

This photo is of a stretch of buildings along Olive Way. The architecture and storefronts definitely have character, but they look in need of repair. With all the change happening in Seattle, I suspect some developers have their sights on these.

The gentlemen in the Holy Smoke shop must have gotten a little antsy having a guy with a camera standing across the street checking out the buildings. One of them tried, unconvincingly, to cross the street nonchalantly and offer me a cigarette. He then started in on the questions about what I was photographing and why. I briefly considered replying, "You know the answer." But I wisely thought better of it.

(Ended up scrambling back to Westlake Park. The students appear to have gotten a late, disorganized start, and they ended up combining their efforts with another protest. No shortage of protests in Seattle these days.)