SB Hopper 2017

Backstage Pass: Thurston Moore Group

The Thurston Moore Group played at Capitol Hill's Neumos last night, 9 May 2017. Great show. My music credibility will take a hit here, though - I didn't immediately associate the name with Sonic Youth. Once I read that, nostalgia took over. I'm not a Sonic Youth expert, but Bull in the Heather is one of my favorite songs. I also wanted to finally check out Neumos. Since the Thurston Moore Group wasn't taking the stage until 2145, I headed to Chop Suey first to catch Bad Saint, a local Seattle band. Thurston Moore Group full band preferred crop

Thurston Moore front color first of two

Thurston Moore front color

Thurston Moore feather

Thurtston Moore Band James Sedwards guitar Nuemos

Thurston Moore Group TM and Drummer

Thurston Moore front perspective

Thurston Moore shoes and other photographer

Thurston Moore at front of stage

Thurston Moore and drummer head down

Thurston Moore and drummer looking out


I'd never heard of Bad Saint. I went because the timing was convenient, they're a local band, and Chop Suey's smaller shows offer good chances for photos. I also liked their intro on their website: "...Lush harmonies, crunchy guitars, and catchy melodies that sound best heading south on I-5 at 70 mph on a Tuesday in March." It was a fun show. They had a good turnout, and they seemed comfortable and confident on stage. I don't know how people do that.

Bad Saint Chop Suey

Bad Saint Chop Suey 2

Bad Saint Chop Suey 3