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The Daily Edit: 12 June 2018

Attempt #1:

Fox News article on US-NK summit. Quick read, no edits. Sort of. There were a few quotes from Trump with errors, but there's no use trying to figure out whether the errors are Trump errors or reporting errors. For example:

“I don't blame them, I blame our leaders,” he said. “In fact, I congratulate leaders of other leaders for so crazily being able to make those trade deals that were so good for their country and bad for the United States.”

- leaders of other leaders

- It's depressing what passes for news. I'm not sure how the Fox News folks look themselves in the mirror. I remember throughout the Obama administration they criticized him for saying he'd be willing to meet and talk with friends and foes alike. There's a video going around showing clips of Fox News broadcasters and pundits (Palin, Malkin) talking about how crazy it was to think that you could negotiate with countries like North Korea.

Now that it's Trump doing it, their tune has changed to bucking convention, thinking outside the box, shaking things up. I'm not sure why they are incapable of simply saying that in the past they'd expressed skepticism about negotiations with North Korea, but that now they'd be willing to look at another means of getting past a dangerous status quo. Instead, it's full cheerleader full time.

Attempt #2:

USA Today's "G7 photos of Trump: There's more than Merkel's stare down. Each country's photo shows something different"

It's mainly a photo essay, so no edits. I very much recommend having a quick look at it, especially if you're interested in photography. It's interesting to see how each country's photographer frames a similar shot.

Attempt #3:

CNN's "Bill Clinton: 'Norms have changed' for what you can do to somebody against their will"

Quick read, no edits. But I've sure got a lot of questions.

"In his interview with PBS, Clinton called Franken's situation a "difficult case" and questioned one of the accusations leveled at Franken, a former comedian.

"Maybe I'm just an old-fashioned person, but it seemed to me that there were 29 women on 'Saturday Night Live' that put out a statement for him, and that the first and most fantastic story was called, I believe, into question," Clinton told PBS, referring to the dozens of women, former and current SNL staff members, who issued a statement in support of Franken."

- Franken was a wealthy, powerful senator with incredible resources at his disposal. People in those positions do not give up power if the allegations against them have no merit. It just doesn't happen.

"Clinton, who was impeached and faced removal from the presidency, told NBC last week he "did the right thing" in remaining in office after the Lewinsky scandal and he does not owe Lewinsky a personal apology because he's already apologized in public."

- I wonder why Clinton gets so hung up on this one. He definitely owes her a personal apology. I'm not sure why he doesn't simply acknowledge that. Is there some sort of legal jeopardy if he does? The logistics of the apology might be difficult, but that shouldn't stop him from acknowledging he owes her one. He was the most powerful man on the planet and much older than she was. He went on to make tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars and remained the darling of the rich and famous. She, for a time, became "that woman".

Result: I struck out today. 3 articles, I didn't spot anything significant.