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The Daily Review: Womp Womp

There are bad times to be a coffee lover. I just poured a steaming hot cup of the good stuff - Nescafé Clasico, imported directly from the QFC, which I think is in the Kroger family. The coffee is fine (a collective "shame" rings out in Seattle), but maybe not the best drink to have in a sweltering apartment.

I'm headed to Monroe, Washington, today to shoot some photos for a band. It'll be at just about the worst time of day to shoot photos - 1100 to 1200 on a very sunny day. But that is the only time the band can get access to the site they want to use. Wish me luck...and shade.

I figured I'd do a quick 10 minute review to keep the editing skills sharp and distract me from the heat.

By now I imagine everyone is familiar with the heated discussions in the United States about our enforcement of immigration laws and policies. It's yet another issue on which the country seems impossibly divided. I saw that Corey Lewandowski was on air to discuss the issue. I also saw headlines indicating that he said "womp womp" when someone else discussed a parent(s) and a child with Down Syndrome being separated at the border. That seems like a heartless, cruel response to a family's plight, so I thought I'd read an article about that for additional context.

USA Today: 'Womp, womp': Ex-Trump campaign manager Lewandowski mocks migrant girl with Down syndrome

Author: William Cummings.

- Right off the bat I've spotted a mistake, and it's mine. I capitalized syndrome in Down syndrome. I even overruled the auto-correct. I've always thought of it as a complete label or name. I can't think of many other syndromes we hear about. Stockholm syndrome? I've also used heat (heated) too many times.

Opening picture and caption: "Megyn Kelly blasted former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski after His controversial reaction to news about a 10 year old migrant girl with down’s syndrome separated from her parent at the border! Rob Smith (@robsmithonline) has all the details! Buzz60

- The caption looks like it was taken from an Instagram post or a tweet. Regardless of where you are spiritually, I bet we can all agree that Lewandowski is not God. I'd change His to his. (I also debated capitalizing God. I'm agnostic, so capitalizing God seems strange, but I suspect it's probably consistent with most style/usage manuals.)

- ...down's syndrome... It's pretty common to see Down's instead of Down. I was pretty sure that Down was correct, but I thought I'd see if there are accepted variations. This is from the National Down Syndrome Society: "NDSS uses the preferred spelling, Down syndrome, rather than Down’s syndrome."

""Womp, womp," Lewandowski said to fellow panelist Zac Petkanas during an appearance on Fox News Tuesday night after Petkanas, a Democratic strategist, said he had read about a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome "who was taken from her mother and put in a cage.""

- In the caption I mentioned earlier it's 10 year old girl, without the hyphens. Personally, I wish we'd just get rid of the hyphens.

"Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray told The Wall Street Journal Tuesday that in "one particular heartbreaking case" at the border, a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome was separated from her mother and brother. The girl was center to a facility in McAllen, Texas, while her mother was sent to a detention center in Brownsville, according to Videgaray."

- I think they meant sent rather than center.

"Lewandowski, who was fired from the Trump campaign in the aftermath of an alleged physical altercation with a reporter joined OANN in January."

- I'd add a comma after joined. The information between the commas is extra information, without which there is still a sentence - Lewandowski joined OANN in January.

Verdict: Good, informative recap, with additional indications that Lewandowski seems like an awful person. An awful person who is by most accounts close to Trump and Pence. As always, I'm not here trying to snipe the writers, who are working against impossible online deadlines. Their understaffed editorial teams are facing the same deadlines and trying to focus on the more important questions (for example, overall accuracy) while trying to manage the flow of online content. I just like talking about language and wording. And finding out if some well off white guy really said "womp womp".