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The Daily(ish) Review: Kennedy (named) and a Latina (not named) election winner

I finished editing a somewhat spontaneous video from a friend's DJ set last night. She was awesome, but my video wasn't much to write home about. That's ok, the objective was to get more practice with Adobe's Premiere Pro. It's starting to make sense. I needed a break from that kind of editing, so I decided to have a look at the news. We'll just go with the "front page" of CNN's website from about 1600 PST.

Had to go with the bombshell news first. Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announced his retirement. It looks like Senator McConnell's strategy of blocking any consideration of an Obama appointment in the final year of his presidency has paid off. (I've seen a few variations of the "paid off" wording today. We're all predictable in our writing.)

Anthony Kennedy's retirement just confirmed every Republican's dream scenario for Trump

Analysis by Chris Cillizza.

"Anthony Kennedy's announcement of his retirement from the Supreme Court on Wednesday creates an opening for President Donald Trump to reshape the ideological makeup of the nation's highest court for decades to come, a best-case scenario for a Republican Party that only reluctantly accepted the idea of the reality-star-turned-politician as its leader."

"While Kennedy was a Republican appointee, he was viewed skeptically by many conservatives, who believed he hewed far too closely to the ideological center for their tastes. Kennedy wrote the ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in 2015. He voted in favor of granting habeas corpus rights to Guantanamo detainees in 2008. He opposed the execution of underage criminals on constitutional grounds in 2005. And in 1992, he upheld Roe v. Wade. (Worth noting: In his final term, Kennedy provided the swing vote in favor of a number of key conservatives priorities, including Tuesday's decision that upheld Trump's travel ban.)"

- ...key conservatives priorities...I'd change it to conservative priorities, without the s.

"When Trump nominated Gorsuch in February 2017 -- almost a year to the date of Scalia's death -- the bet those Republicans had placed on Trump paid off -- hugely. Gorsuch was regarded and has voted as a reliable conservative, helping to maintain the court's ideological makeup."

- ...a year to the date of Scalia's death...I've always thought the expression was a year to the day. Who's with me? Am I wrong?

Verdict (so appropriate for this post): Good overview of the significance of Kennedy's retirement. There weren't any analytical revelations.

This article/photo/headline was next to the Kennedy article.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 4.07.39 PM.png

I've seen a couple of headlines where it seemed liked the media was having difficulty writing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's name. It's not always malicious, and in this case the headline reached after clicking (see below) does spell out her name. Still, I'd suggest using her name, especially when she's pictured next to a named white guy.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old who is now a new face for the Democratic Party

The article was interesting but short. One gets the sense that CNN was scrambling to gather information about Ocasio-Cortez. For example, it looks like most of the photos in the article were provided by or copied from the Ocasio-Cortez campaign.

On a separate note, the format of the article looked good. I wondered what platform or application the author used. It looked like it could be Adobe Spark.