On Sunday 29 January 2017, I took photos of a protest against President Trump’s 27 January Executive Orders on immigration and refugees. I parked fairly far north of Westlake Park on 4th Avenue. Walking to the protest, I passed the Fleming Apartments, a building that always catches my eye. Brick, old school painted-on signage that is chipping away or fading, and some adjacent buildings and restaurants.
I want to get a photo of the Fleming building from the north/northwest during the day. But walking back to my car after the protest I noticed that I also liked the view from the south/southeast, with the Two Bells Tavern in the foreground. A man and a woman walked up while I was taking photos. The man waited outside while the woman went in, and since he didn’t seem concerned about being in the picture, I kept shooting. Two Bells seems to have several names: Two Bells Tavern, Two Bells Bar & Grill, and The Two Bells.