On the Streets: All the World a Stage

On the Streets: All the World a Stage

Charisma Man Capitol Hill March 2017

This gentleman was not afraid of the camera. He saw me taking shots of the dumpster set against that great wall. He’d already walked by once or twice. He walked by again as I had my camera raised, and it seemed like he instinctively knew when to turn to the camera to ensure he was at the half-way point with respect to the dumpster.

There were other people waking up on this Friday morning who gave the camera a wide berth. I wonder if the rise in the popularity of street photography on social media has made people more aware of the cameras around them, or whether people are increasingly likely just to ignore them.

I liked the photo, and I was glad to have him in it. But I got the sense that his Friday morning was not an easy one.

Fujifilm X Series X100T.