One’s own neighborhood can be full of surprises. Let me back up. I can be a creature of habit. Joe Bar is close to my apartment, and it serves up great coffee, tea, crepes, panini (according to Wikipedia, that’s the plural form), and conversation. I could go there daily, and usually do, but it’s good to break up the routine. Discovered a great little section of Summit Avenue East that has Sun Liquor, Top Pot (doughnuts), and Single Shot.
The red brick buildings are cool, and I’ve been trying to get a good picture of them, but haven’t found the right angle because of a couple of trees and parked cars. This one turned out okay, but I’m still hoping to get lucky and walk by right after a few cars have driven away. Parking is tight on Capitol Hill, though, so I’m not holding my breath.

Top Pot

In between “Top” and “Pot” there is a rotating coffee pot. Bad timing on my part on the shot above.

Top Pot second view blue volvo