On the Streets: World's Most Interesting Man...

On the Streets: World's Most Interesting Man...


…and Woman, but for a post title it gets a little wordy. I lucked into the following shot on 29 March in Pioneer Square. I really like it down there. Historic red brick frontier-era buildings, many of which have gotten Soho-like facelifts resulting in lofts, boutiques, and trendy restaurants.
Change marches on. I suspect some long-time Seattleites lament what they perceive as the Times Squaring of the area, and you can’t fault them, but as one of the dreaded newcomers, I’m glad many of the buildings have been preserved (no doubt at a significant cost in terms of community).

But back to the photo. I was trying for a picture of the window at The Central Saloon. Cool window with some great reflections, cool Seattle history. I heard footsteps approaching and thought I might benefit from people stepping into view, but it wasn’t a total photo ambush. I was happy that it turned out to be this stylish, mysterious duo. I don’t think they’d mind me posting it. (If it’s you and you want it gone, get in touch.)

Dynamic Duo, The Central Saloon, Pioneer Square, Seattle, March 2017. Fujifilm XT2.

If you’ve read my other posts here or on Instagram, you know that I’m not a street photographer. I love street photography when it is done well and respectfully. For great examples, see Valerie Jardin (IG, WP), Clay Benskin (IG), devinspx (IG), and superheropigeon (IG).  But appreciating it and committing to it are two different things. If it’s not an editorial, news, or photojournalism scenario, I generally shy away from pointing a camera at people. Generally, but not always.

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