The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method

On Saturday 22 April 2017, people gathered in Capitol Hill’s Cal Anderson Park to participate in Seattle’s March for Science. According to the Seattle Times, the crowd numbered in the thousands. As could be expected, the signs were clever and represented a wide-range of causes and disciplines. But the focus of the march was clear – championing the work of scientists and the importance of applying scientific principles to the policies and issues affecting the world we live in.
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The main stage was at the southern end of the park along Pine Street. Seattle folk singers Pebble n the Crick kicked things off before yielding the stage to a few speakers. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to hear unless fairly close to the front. That was a little disappointing because I was only able to catch some of Pebble n the Crick’s lyrics. I think they started off with a fun tune about some truly universal facts.

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After the speakers finished, the marchers made their way through Seattle and onto Seattle Center.

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