I went for a very early breakfast at Capitol Hill’s Lost Lake. I wanted the poached egg salad that I had last time, but I must have been in the in-between hours because they had an abbreviated menu. I got poached eggs, dry wheat toast, and the hash browns.
I fully intended to limit myself to a couple of bites of the hash browns. I ate them all. They were delicious, but I almost always regret the lack of discipline. I’m not twenty anymore; french fries and hash browns don’t always agree with me.

Lost Lake and its sister restaurant The Five Point open their bar at 0600. I was tempted to order a beer as an act of rebelliousness. I’m reading Somerset Maugham’s Ashenden, and the characters in the book had just had some brandy while on a train headed for Italy. I passed on the beer, but I was tempted. The only other times I’ve had beer that early is during international flights, when you find yourself at a European airport, perhaps in one of the lounges, and you’re no longer sure whether it’s yesterday, now, or tomorrow.

Grabbed a few shots while I was out. It was chilly but dry. (Experimenting a little with the Lightroom export settings, dropping the quality to 68% to see how the photos appear online. I suspect that one could go even lower without noticing any difference.)

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