I was in California recently working on a small project. I stopped in Portland for a couple of nights on the way back to Seattle. The drive was pretty intense. I’m sure it’s my imagination, but Oregon is haunted. When you cross into Oregon, you know it. The dark, misty fog envelops you, and there are stretches of highway where you feel like you are driving ever downward into the abyss.

When I reached Portland I was too amped up for a good night’s sleep. I grabbed my camera and headed out onto the streets before sunrise to see if I could get some interesting video of a city waking up. I didn’t have a goal or theme in mind beyond practicing with the X-H1’s video settings and getting enough material to work with in Premiere Pro.

Have a look. If you watch it, I’d love to hear your comments, be they good, bad, or ugly (well, candid…there’s enough ugliness online already). If you’re on IG or have a website, let me know that, too, so I can follow you.