Can a woman beat Trump?

I’ll apologize right out of the gate here – this post will be Twitter-like. I deleted Twitter, so I’m posting it here. Lucky you.

My phone’s notifications are showing me…ummm…notifications (as one does) about the can a woman beat Trump question. I’m plagiarizing Sanders here, but absolutely. Clinton beat Trump in the general election. The oddities of our election system gave the win to Trump, but it seems obvious that if we have evidence that a woman won more votes than her male opponent, then a woman can win. And thank goodness.

I know there are people out there who won’t vote for a woman. This confuses me to no end. It is 2020. Women have been shattering glass ceilings forever, and it seems like it’s finally starting to pay off. They are doing the job at all levels, in all industries – what is America afraid of?

It’s a strange phenomenon. It’s a statistical certainty that I know people who believe women aren’t cut out to be president. I’ve never heard anyone say that aloud. If you can’t voice a position or opinion, it’s probably a bad opinion.

[Note: I had to add to this. A lot of people who wouldn’t vote for a woman voted for a reality TV star who inherited his wealth, has bankrupted multiple companies, had no experience in governing, and thought family values meant having as many families as he could.]