I'm an idiot

At some point in my life I’m going to stop doing this. I want to learn some basic audio for interviews and possibly podcasts that no one is asking for or needs. I have a few microphone options and a Zoom H5 recorder. I have no idea what I’m doing.

I’m staying with my folks for a bit in Phoenix. I should have gotten on the road back to Seattle ages ago. There were some things I wanted to do on the drive back, but they were vague ideas that I haven’t planned well or thought through. I might just be procrastinating because I’m enjoying the time with my folks.

I thought I’d take a shot at recording some basic audio tonight. Jot down a few notes to discuss, save it, upload it. Easy right? Not for me. I started watching loads of YouTube videos about Adobe Audition. They always make it sound so easy. Not for me.

The wind was blowing outside tonight, and I could hear the chimes…chiming. That’s my mom’s doing. I envy people who make a house a home. I’ve never been good at it. A polite…exceedingly polite…visitor at my apartment might call my home decor spartan or austere.

I’m going to try and upload some audio of the wind and chimes. I didn’t have a “dead cat” (a thing you can put over a mic to prevent the wind from clipping), so most of the videos I watched were some variation of “how to reduce wind noise in Adobe Audio”. It is now very late, I’m exhausted, and the only thing I succeeded at was not throwing my laptop through a window.