Taibbi on Russia, surveillance

Matt Taibbi has an interesting post on Substack about an upcoming book examining all this Russia stuff. I’m not sure if Substack will require you to sign-up / subscribe. I subscribe to Taibbi’s free Substack newsletter.

I have one small complaint with it. I think sometimes in Taibbi’s writing he implies (no, imply is active and isn’t the right word – leaves a ton of room to infer?) that any and all concerns about Russian meddling can only be ascribed to Cold War paranoia and jingoism. I think it’s possible for our brains to hold several positions: 1) the past 4 or so years of Russia hysteria have led to bizarre behavior by elected officials, the media, the feds and 2) Russia does meddle in our politics and benefits when rivals are distracted 3) we meddle in other people’s politics.