Doggerland, in the mail

In October 2019 I shot photos in the UK and Ireland related to Brexit and Extinction Rebellion. I haven’t posted many of the photos. I wanted to go through the process of thinking about them as a whole, a visual essay, with a zine as the result.

I learned a lot. I was happy with the result, but there were some hard truths. I squandered a lot of precious time, and I’m still too distant, too aloof. I forget if it was Cartier-Bresson or Capa who said if you don’t like your photos, you’re not close enough. I take that as meaning more than just physical distance.

Work needs to be printed. I know that, but it wasn’t until I started following Daniel Milnor that I committed to it. I mailed this copy to Dan today. Had been procrastinating, but today seemed the right day to get to the post office. Dan just launched a new project – AG23. It looks awesome. Putting this in the mail was a marker – I’m going to get my work in AG23, by hook or by crook. Check out Dan’s site at (on my phone, battery dying – if you type into your browser, it’ll do its magic). [Edit: Home now, adding some links.]