Do you follow writers?

I was about to throw away an old section of The New York Times. I was holding onto it for some reason, but I realized I couldn’t remember why. As I was walking towards the trash can I saw “A Dispatch From the Land of Flight Shaming” by Ingrid K. Williams. It’s a quick, well-written look at reducing airplane travel and carbon footprints. I enjoyed it.

I plan on reading more of Williams’ writing. But I realized I’m terrible about actually following writers. I rely on the hit or miss of what The New York Times throws my way online. That doesn’t seem like a very good approach.

Do any of you follow writers regularly? Chefs, authors? If so, how? I’m thinking of making a list of writers in a spreadsheet or something, but my track record of maintaining things like that is abysmal.

I know I know, this isn’t rocket science. Anyway, thought I’d throw it out there. If anyone has methods they use, let me know.