Always the way of things. I was jotting things down on 3×5 cards that I thought I’d write about. But I get distracted, and it gets late.

My quarantine pantry does not overfloweth. Time for a grocery outing. I didn’t have it in me today, though, so I opted for some takeout. There’s a place by me that I really like – morfire. Their specialty is hotpot, but they also do street Thai. I got two orders – nutty noodle and kao pad. The plan was to (very sensibly) make 2 orders into 4.

The best laid plans of mice and men…I ate 2/3 of the nutty noodle, going to great lengths to refrigerate the 1/3 that I knew I’d eat 2 hours later. Here’s a menu photo (screenshot) of the nutty noodle.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 2.39.10 AM.png

It was delicious. After this is all over I’m going there for hotpot. I don’t really know what hotpot is. Maybe it’s hot pot. I haven’t had it because to order it you have to sit at a table. I usually eat alone and sit at the bar if I’m given a choice. Post- or lull-virus, I’m sitting at a damn table and getting the hot pot.

I wanted to write tonight or practice some camera lighting (initially wrote flash lighting, sounded weird), but that requires not being lazy. I opened Netflix and watched Hostiles with…well, it’s an awesome cast, I’m not going to list them all here. Great actors I really enjoyed the movie. At the same time, I have some big complaints, because I’m a complainer, but man, I loved seeing those wide open spaces. I’ve been thinking about it all night, the good and the bad. More later.

We’re probably all looking out our windows more these days. I’m a weirdo – I usually keep the blinds closed. But during COVID times, I’m going to the windows more. I have a favorite window. It looks out on this amazing tree. I live in an old building. Let’s call it 1920s. Who knows. Pre-WWII. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tree is older than the building. I like listening to the birds in the tree. I think there might be a nest with young ones. I can’t figure out why the birds chirp as regularly and loudly as they do. Aren’t they just telegraphing their position to predators?

I walked over to that window tonight and saw the moon over the … are they radio towers? I’ve got no clue.. Big towers in the distance with red lights.I’m a nerd, It made me think of Lord of the Rings and Mordor.

Capitol Hill, Seattle, 27 April 2020.

Capitol Hill, Seattle, 27 April 2020.

If you’ve made it this far, I thought I’d let you know that I ate a good portion of the second Thai dish this morning for breakfast. Just wasn’t feeling the oatmeal. Speaking of oatmeal – anyone ever hear of putting a fried egg on top of oatmeal? Would that be gross?