Shoulda been a tweet: A farewell (not mine)

I mentioned that I didn’t renew my New York Times subscription when I got a new credit card. I’ve been testing out the LA Times. I feel a little guilty for not going with the Seattle Times. I may still do that, though.

I was trying to find something non-COVID to read. I stumbled on a farewell article from Chris Erskine. I’ve never read his stuff, but I’m always drawn to farewells. I like hearing what people are up to next. Are they moving? Seeking out a new adventure?

It sounds like Erskine has simply had a good run, and it’s time to move on. I thought his column was a great example of how to say goodbye. He also mentions some things about the health of the newspaper industry. I love newspapers, and we’ll miss them when they’re gone. It’s tough to beat reading an actual, physical newspaper over a cup of coffee. I was never great with home subscriptions, though – the paper just piles up. I haven’t got any evidence to support this, but I don’t think we’re better informed with access to a world wide web of constantly updated information.

I have a confession – I like baked beans. I just had some with macaroni. Judge away. The beans were about the last item in the cupboard. I can procrastinate no more. Time to plan a grocery run. I might put if off further and live on pasta if I weren’t out of coffee. The horror, the horror.