I’m not crying, you’re crying. I might know someone who’s crying. That person has also had a few Rainiers, and it’s in the wee hours of a Sunday morning end of days pandemic.

I write clinically. Old habits. It’s not how I really want to write. Maybe I’ll get there. Not tonight.

Opening another Rainier. Craaack. I need to take the scissors to the plastic rings. I’m not used to drinking at home. Protecting the birds feels like a weird, ironic throwback. Good luck birds. The sound of the can opening is like a volcano. My neighborhood is usually quiet in the wee hours. With the exception of people living unsheltered who make the salvage rounds, seeing what the rest of us have cast aside. But during the COVID pandemic, the dark hours are extra quiet. (I have been trying to support local businesses during this. If any of you know of a great charity for unsheltered people in Seattle, please let me know.)


I opened this post on my what the hell is this blog after reading an article claiming that some doctors were suggesting that (paraphrased, not claiming 100% accuracy) coronavirus meds/treatments should be tested in Africa because they were more exposed. Here’s a link to the article, you can read/watch for yourself.

I had two very conflicting thoughts. First, and most important, if the world can exploit Africa, it will at every opportunity. Second, the article sounded fishy. It seemed contrived. Not because it’s not plausible (see above), but the editing of the video and wording seemed opportunistic. I don’t doubt the scenario, but I do doubt the authors’ journalistic work in this instance. I hope I’m wrong about the latter. But I got sidetracked from writing about that article. All I could think of was The Constant Gardener, which would very much support the premise of that article.

Kothbiro, by Ayub Ogada.

The Constant Gardener. I think it’s based on a Le Carré novel. I’m not a fan of “Google It”, I think it kills our synapses. It was a movie based on a book. In the film there’s exploitation of Africa by the West.

I was going to talk about the article/video I linked above, but all I could think of was Kothbiro. I couldn’t remember the song, and I had to dig through my old iTunes library. I can’t remember the search terms that eventually got me there.


I don’t know the lyrics. I think the musician is Ayub Ogada. No, I know the musician is Ayub Ogada. I caveat things when it’s late (early) and I’m worried about making a mistake. While confirming his name, I learned that he died in February 2019. I’m still not crying, you’re crying.

I haven’t seen the movie in 10+ years. I’m sure there is white saviorism to it. But I know it makes me want to go back to Africa. I believe the scientists – that’s where we all come from. I lived in North Africa for a while and want to one day head further south. Listen to Kothbiro, you’ll be happier for it.

I got side-tracked. I had a much different writing purpose in mind when I opened the blog. It’s late, I’m tired, I’ll save it for another day. But if you’re dying of suspense, it had to do with how black and white we’ve gotten. If Trump says the sky is blue, MSNBC says he’s trying to deny ventilators to Democrats. If anyone suggests that we should shelter in place, the right claims Dems want to sink the economy to hurt Trump. Zero sum games? (Old grad school term I never completely understood.) Unfinished thought, be back later. Hope you’re all safe and healthy.