Shoulda been a tweet

I call it “shoulda been a tweet” because it shoulda been, but I deleted my Twitter account. Like anything online, Twitter has good and bad. I lacked the discipline to avoid the bad. It gets mean and ugly fast there.

I opened Yahoo tonight. Not sure why I do that. Here’s a Bloomberg headline I saw.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.15.17 AM.png

I didn’t read the article. If you’re over the age of 4, you know that rich people don’t lose billions, they pass those losses off to others. On the off chance they do lose billions, it’s equivalent to most people’s once a year trip to Vegas where they lose $150 at blackjack but drink $500 worth of free booze, get comped for a suite, and write it all off as a business expense. I’m not even a populist – that’s just facts.