[Note: In August 2020 I moved my site from Squarespace to Ghost by way of Wordpress. Broke all of my image links. I'm slowly trying to repair some of the damage.]

There are bloggers, and there are people who have a blog on their website. I am the latter. There is a difference. Bloggers are legit. They post meaningful, coherent essays and stories. I respect them greatly. I don’t intend to join their ranks. It sounds stressful.

I just like writing on this silly, obscure part of the internet. But even my low threshold for posting can generate some stress. The blog is always there, like a sink full of dirty dishes. Even when you think you’re caught up, you look at the drying rack, and it’s full. There’s always something else to be done.

Warning – this is a long one. I’ll start with a photo to start things off slowly.

George Floyd, Capitol Hill, Seattle, summer 2020.
George Floyd, Capitol Hill, Seattle, 20 June 2020.