Shoulda been a tweet: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog is a local treasure

I went back over to the Pike/Pine corridor tonight to take photos. I got the sense that it’s less tense, even though there were (more?) National Guard reinforcements behind the barricade. At 12th and Pike the police looked to be standing much further behind the barricade.

Turns out I wasn’t imagining things. Mayor Durkan lifted tonight’s curfew, and I saw on the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog that Chief Best addressed the protesters.

I got home at about 2300 and started looking at my photos. And I’m going mad. There’s a gawddam surveillance plane just flying in loops. Imagine an obnoxious lawn mower floating over your head every few minutes. I wonder if that means the helicopter crews are exhausted, or if the plane is a step up. I’m guessing it can stay on station longer, but I also suspect that the helicopter crews are worn out and they need to do some mandatory maintenance. I thought the helicopters were bad, this fucking plane is pissing me off.

When I want to quickly see what people are saying about the air traffic…or just about anything on Capitol Hill…I go to the CHS Blog page or Justin’s Twitter feed. Never disappoints. Here are some relevant screenshots.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 12.56.56 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 1.02.06 AM.png

Damn I hope that fucking plane has to land soon.