Cracked a couple of eggs

It’s a glorious overcast day. Cool enough that I didn’t mind the thought of turning on the stove for an omelette. I think I’m getting better at this French omelette thing. I’m probably still overcooking the eggs. I’m also still not entirely sure how it’s different from an American omelette. I’d be able to spot the difference side by side, I’m just not sure how the prep is all that different leading to a different outcome. Maybe on the next overcast day I’ll fire up a monstrosity of a Denny’s-like version.

I figured I could practice with some audio while I made it. Just turned the recorder on. Initially it clocked in at 11 minutes or so. I took that file into Adobe Audition and ruthlessly cut out longer periods of – not silence…insignificant sounds? I also cut out most of the whisking, because nobody wants to listen to that. I was curious to see if the recording would sound jarring…more jarring than the train screeching off the rails that is me in a kitchen trying to turn food into something palatable. Or maybe it would seem sped up? If any of you like audio torture, I’ve included the 3+ minute file below.

(I am 100% not a serial killer, but if for some reason the news ever asked my neighbors about me, I imagine it’d be “kept to himself, quiet, except for the godawful racket from the kitchen”.)