Banshees (probably a repeat)

I had to watch the end of The Banshees of Inisherin again. I couldn't remember how they left things off. It's not an easy film to watch, but it's stayed with me. Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farell turn in fantastic performances, no doubt, but I think Kerry Condon steals the show.

I'm not smart enough to understand all the layers. Community, friendship, isolation, existential loneliness, civil war. I think it's one I'll keep coming back to.

I'm a fan of A.O. Scott's reviews. You can read his review here.

Might as well stick with the movies. For some reason (well, the algorithms), I opened YouTube (usually a mistake) and clicked on a Hell or High Water clip. Another movie that's not easy to watch. But it's powerful.

I want to learn how to draw. My mom always has two calendars out - The Far Side and The New Yorker cartoons. They're fantastic, and they get you thinking. I'd like to have a go at something like that, even if it's just for me. The genre would be absurd, maybe dark humor. I had two ideas tonight.

Don Jr. and Hunter piloting a bi-plane, or two separate bi-planes. Think Snoopy. They'd be firing one or two missiles, with a Dr. Strangelove, Slim Pickens-esque Biden and Trump riding the missiles, a hootin' and a hollerin' as they chased balloons.

The second one would be Don Jr in his dad's office, holding a photo of an elephant or a giraffe he'd shot.

Don Jr: Look, Dad, I'm a hunter. That's such a cool name. I wish you'd named me Hunter.

Trump: Me two.