Chow Hall Eats: Eggs and a tortilla

The other night I mentioned getting a burrito at Bimbo's (or is it Cha Cha?). Chuck replied, saying that he prefers tacos, so as to avoid the gluten. That reminded me that I would like to try cutting out gluten. Just want to give it a try. This is a good time to remind everyone that I'm an obscure blogger. I don't know anything about nutrition. I don't even know what gluten is. Sounds suspicious. Who's cozying up with gluten? Weird word. (And I like weird.)

I had dinner at a reasonable hour. Nothing fancy; beans were involved. I'm a night owl, and I wanted a snack. I scrambled (very badly) an egg and heated up a Mission gluten-free tortilla. I made a mess of the egg, but the tortilla was good.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle. The Pacific Northwest really is something else.

I can't write a blog post without saying that I'm worried about the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing unnecessary violence. Things are really weird. There are so many people out there twisting themselves into knots to find ways to justify this war. Take it from me - you can simultaneously be critical of US foreign policy and recognize that Putin is the antagonist in the most recent tragedy. So unnecessary.