Forever ago

Forever ago

I'm looking through my archive for photos for a project, which inevitably leads to distraction. When I walk by Dick's on Broadway, I always take a photo. It's obligatory. One of these days I'll find the discipline to chuck some of them into a small photo book/zine.

If I do, I'll celebrate with a burger, fries, and a chocolate shake. I don't eat many burgers, so I'll throw this out to Seattleites - what's the best Dick's burger?

Dick's Capitol Hill Seattle
Dick's, Capitol Hill, Seattle, September 2016.

That photo seems like a lifetime ago.

I almost went tonight. I would love to shoot a short video of the experience, but I can't imagine the staff loves being on the other end of a video without being asked. I also wasn't craving a burger. Once in a blue moon for me. Always craving chocolate shakes.

So what did I eat, then? Fired up some pasta shells, great northern beans, and sardines. Lots of spices, Los Roast green chiles (just say the word Los Roast, I know you want to sponsor a blog with 10 readers per month), a bit of olive oil, and some lemon juice.

I love sardines. I prefer mackerel, but sardines are fantastic. I could eat them on saltines. But they're better heated up with some pasta and beans. Mellow them out a bit.