Ghost Questions Update

Another website maintenance post. Recommendation - skip this unless you are interested in the Ghost platform.

I mentioned a few posts back that I wanted to give the Consuming Journalism feature its own page. Why? Because it's an informal side project focusing on media literacy, and I'm not sure I'll add to it consistently. It doesn't really fit with what I post on my main page, even though that hasn't got a clear direction, either. I want to hold onto the Consuming Journalism posts, though - they could come in handy during job interviews. (Hello Finland media literacy program, I'm talking to you. I'm sure it will immediately be clear how you'd benefit from hiring a flailing, blogging, aspiring documentary photographer.)

Ghost is flexible, and I think there are a lot of ways to do what I wanted, but they all looked really complicated for this non-coder. I sent a flurry of emails to Ghost (sorry Justin and crew), but then I started trying to sort it out. Lo and behold, I actually figured some of it out.

I used the YAML routing to create a Consuming Journalism collection. After a lot of trial and error and many mistakes, I figured out how to get the main page to ignore anything tagged Consuming Journalism and for the Consuming Journalism collection to display that tagged content.

There's only one problem now. There might be times that I'd want something to have a Consuming Journalism tag but also show up on the main page. However, I think things start to get wonky if posts are trying to show up in multiple collections. I don't think I understand how that part works yet.

With that in mind, I may have been better off working with channels rather than collections.

Here's a link to the Ghost tutorials. (If you're using Ghost, you're probably already familiar with them.)