Governor Inslee, please expand vaccinations to restaurant workers

I'm not an expert (on anything), but it sure seems like Washington state has done a lot more right than it has wrong in the pandemic. It's not perfect, though. Governor Inslee, please add restaurant workers to the list of people eligible for vaccinations.

The restaurant industry has been crushed during the pandemic. Many have closed; some have scraped along with take-out, probably losing money. Restaurant owners and staff have gotten slammed. Many people in that industry haven't got awesome health insurance.

Conventional wisdom says that indoor transmission is the main culprit in the spread. Now that restaurants are allowed to have indoor seating again, the workers are at significant risk.

(No, I don't think Inslee reads my blog. I'm going to call his office tomorrow send an email. I've also heard that there are petitions going around. I'm sure the governor's office has crunched the numbers, and there must be a reason they were worried about adding restaurant workers to this round, but if they're unwilling to explain their rationale, they need to add the industry workers to the vaxx list.)