It's that time...

A few friends of mine and I have an ongoing text thread where we discuss anything and everything. Understandably, the topics have been heavy on the pandemic, COVID numbers, and vaccines. One of the guys on the thread works for one of the vaccine makers, so 3 parts know-nothing amateurs and one part industry. It's been the best way for me to follow the pandemic. Hard to explain, given that I think people have to be really careful following the news in 2021. (It can be unhealthy and loaded with hasty, incorrect information.)

I won't bore you with some of our takes and theories, but the numbers and trends really are fascinating. I will share this, though. This moment calls for a Friedman Unit.

The next five weeks will be critical in understanding America's likely COVID trajectory going forward. ~ SBHopper, 26 April 2021.*

You heard it here first, folks. I even worked in "going forward" - man I hate that phrase. It may be because I associate it with Cheney and Rumsfeld, and I hate those jackasses.

I really do think it will be an interesting 5 weeks. My guess is that by the end of May anyone who wanted a vaccine will be vaxxed. There'll be a small group of people holding out for a year or so to make sure the vaxxed don't turn into zombies. The rest aren't getting vaxxed no way no how, and a high percentage of that group has probably already had and survived COVID.

*One of my friends called me out on the Friedman Unit, pointing out that it's 6 months. Technically, he's right, but I think it now accepted to include any repeating window of criticality. (word?)