Things are as weird as ever. Cue Mr. Byrne - Same as it ever was. I can't make heads or tails of it. I've stopped in at Corvus a couple of times this week to see friends. It's been wonderful, but it wasn't the cathartic moment I'd imagined. I figured I'd be a sobbing mess.

It sure has been nice, though. And a relief. 79.16729% of the people I know from Corvus work in the hospitality industry. A long year of stress. Working indoors around people who have to take their masks off to eat or drink. What does the future look like for the industry when people are reluctant to spend time inside? And yet they all look and seem great. I know things are a long way from being great, but for now, I'll take that not insignificant win.

I've been enjoying walking around quiet streets unmasked, but I'm not putting my masks in a barrel, dousing them with lighter fluid, and torching them. My neighborhood is clearly more comfortable with masks, so I'll wear one around people outside. It's easy. It's not a totalitarian plot. I probably can't convince you of that. The federal government's announcement that masks aren't necessary outside should be an indicator of that. Unfortunately, there's always an explanation. They're conditioning us. Who are they? How do they communicate? Where do they meet? Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

That's the end of my pandemic ramblings on the blog. Most of us have made our decisions. Let's hope all roads lead to falling case numbers and deaths.

Rabbits are very quiet. I see a lot of them on Capitol Hill. I never hear them.

The Polaroid One Step Plus is finicky, too finicky. It's quiet out there. Too quiet. I shot some black and white film with it, but the images at night were just too dark. I'm almost positive the flash was firing. Perhaps the film got old, or I didn't keep the ejected photo covered long enough. I'll probably donate that camera to Goodwill. The per print cost is just too expensive for finicky. Maybe a hipster who obsesses over Polaroid images will pick it up. There's a 99.67432% chance it's user error. Or dirty rollers.

Yikes, how did it get so late? I was going to talk about short-ribs and Instant Pots (Insta Pots?), and I was going to tell you all the one cryptocurrency you should buy to make millions by next week, but I'm too tired. Maybe next time.

Capitol Hill Seattle
Capitol Hill, Seattle, May 2021. Not sure why they border looks greyish. I don't think I made any edits to this image.
Capitol Hill Seattle May 2021
Who knows? Capitol Hill, Seattle, May 2021.
Dick's, Capitol Hill, Seattle, May 2021.
Dick's, Capitol Hill, Seattle, May 2021. This border looks grey/green, too. I increased the shadows a bit under the roof. Maybe that is somehow affecting the border color, too?