Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa

This blog was a happy accident. I started it because I thought I needed a web presence for an ill-defined pursuit of photojournalism. A poorly thought out quest. I am seeking, and I think that is something that unites all of us. We're seeking meaning, purpose, understanding, and community.

Initially, I didn't intend to post regularly. I wanted to have somewhere to point potential clients to. That never happened. But then I started posting, and people would comment on the posts. I love that. It's a two-way street. I can be aloof, and I can get wrapped in my thoughts. I enabled comments, but I didn't set up a notification system. That was a mistake. I've missed some comments, and that's just rude. I apologize. Bear with me a little longer as I try to sort that out. The comments are my favorite part of having a blog.

I'm all over the place right now, which lends itself to procrastination. Probably best to dive in and go from there.

Skip the cocaine. I went to my local today to read and have a pint. I learned that the Capitol Hill community suffered another fentanyl overdose. A sweet, kind soul. An encyclopedic knowledge of music. Fentanyl is scary stuff. You just don't know what you're getting. My skip the cocaine comment wasn't flippant. There's just too much uncertainty in that arena.

It was a day of loss. The same bar lost someone near and dear to many. I won't share the details, but it's a good reminder to check in with people. The act may not move mountains, but it matters. My dad checks on me regularly, and I always get annoyed, but I'm grateful. Err on the side of annoy.

Capitol Hill is a wonderful community. This person decided that it was time to leave. The community immediately stepped in and adopted their dog. A sweet, sweet boy. I know there's a chance that we see emotions in animals that we want to see, but it's difficult to imagine that this wonderful dog isn't aware of what has transpired.

Switching gears.

Take a photo of your vaccine card, put it in its own photo album. Lots of places are requiring proof of vaccination. I've been surprised by the number of people befuddled by that. I took a photo of my card the moment I got outside of the vaxx clinic.

My friend Valerie DJed at MBar last night. It's not the kind of place you'll find me on the regular. It's a Seattle rooftop bar, and I have been critical of it. Fancy, wealthy. It must generate 1,000 Instagram posts per day. But you know what? The staff is wonderful, the view is beautiful, and the people are just sharing food and a drink, with a social media post thrown in. Obviously, I can be overly critical. It was great seeing Valerie in her element, with crates of albums behind her. (The fries pack a punch.)

Back to Corvus. A magical place. Tonight I met Matt. Matt, Kurt, and I talked about the tragic losses, but we also celebrated Matt's accomplishment. He climbed Rainier. Put a ton of sustained work into getting there. It was a great discussion. He didn't talk about I did this. Instead, he discussed the amazing people who helped him get there. The guides are forces of nature. Fearless, patient, and strong.

I'm about 1/2-way through Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul, and I am obsessed. It takes me right back to my time in Istanbul, a wonderful city (I use wonderful too often) with incredible people and a rich history. He and my mom were experiencing the same Istanbul of the 1950s. The photos are amazing. I'll talk about the book more later, but for now, if you've ever been curious about Istanbul or have become attached to it through a visit, get the book. (The link is my affiliate page on Bookshop. If I've set it up correctly, any purchases through that link will get me a commission, but it doesn't affect the cost. My feelings won't be hurt if you buy it through Amazon. But my feelings will be hurt if you read it and don't tell me.)