Nostalgia level: High

Nostalgia level: High

Someone in my building or in my neighborhood is watching a Star Wars-like film. I think their system must be pretty good - lots of lasers and explosions piercing the night air. There's an apartment complex on 12th that has a courtyard - I often see the residents eating outside and watching movies on a projector.

I went for a walk this morning. I saw a lot of moving trucks and vans. I stopped counting at 6. I should have made that my morning focus. That's documentary photography right there, in my backyard. It's a story of this awful, weird year. If you're working from home or have lost your job, why stay in an expensive city? (I think the argument between Jerry Seinfeld and the comedian about NYC being dead is different. Seattle's not dying, but it's going to be different on the other end of this.)

I stopped and (m)asked the drivers of one truck if I was correct in thinking that a lot of people are moving. He said I was correct, and that they were very busy. I went home and inhaled my Café Argento breakfast sandwich. I think B Side has a better breakfast sandwich, but Argento has more of a community feel. Space matters. I'm comparing the two pre-COVID.

I skimmed through a few articles about Chadwick Boseman today. I say skimmed because they ran together with respect to narrative. I don't think people can reflect well on a life when dealing with a sudden, painful death. I was looking at the photos and the portraits. He was a striking figure. I know I've said I'm not a big comic book fan, but I have watched most of the Marvel films. I thought Boseman was fantastic in all of them and was a great choice for Black Panther.

I went for another short walk this evening. Rancho Bravo is like a siren's song, it seduces you into thinking you can get a photo that makes use of the neon and wonderful colors. My good ship Camera is smashed to bits upon the rocks of despair every time.

Rancho Bravo Capitol Hill Seattle
Rancho Bravo, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.

The Comet Tavern is also elusive but slightly more forgiving. Both locations have angles and slopes that confound my poor framing.

Comet Tavern Capitol Hill Seattle
Comet Tavern, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.

I wandered some more before turning towards home. I figured I'd walk along 12th so I could get a photo of Fortress East Precinct.

East Precinct Capitol Hill Seattle
East Precinct, Seattle Police Department, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.

I know I've mentioned this before, but it's still weird seeing people in restaurants. I'm relieved to see that the Capitol Hill restaurants are being so responsible. Servers masked, outdoors seating, spaced tables inside and out. I'm not venturing into restaurants, but if I did, I'd rest easier knowing that Capitol Hill spots are doing their best to follow the guidance. My concern is that we're all still guessing, even the medical professionals and epidemiologists.

Now for the nostalgia moment you've all been waiting for. I made childhood tacos AKA white people tacos tonight (a joke and not accurate - shoutout to Anjali for inspiring me to make them). Old El Paso hard shells, Beyond Meat, shredded iceberg lettuce, Kroger shredded nacho and taco cheese, McCormick taco seasoning, and diced tomatoes. As the title suggests, it was a nostalgia win. A bigly win. In the taste department, not even close to the ones my mom made.

Sorry to do this Old El Paso, but thumbs down on these shells. I think they are 90% salt. Feels like I swallowed a cat. I've been pounding water, but I still feel like Count Lazlo wandering across the dunes. I think the Beyond Meat was ok, these tacos are taco seasoning forward. The cheese and lettuce drive home the nostalgia, but you really had to jam them in the narrow shells. I screwed up by not properly dicing a good fresh tomato. Minor complaints. I was happy, and I ate.

Time to start wrapping this up. I've been happy with the switch from the New York Times to the LA Times. I want to be in the west, time to follow western writers. I feel guilty about not subscribing to the Seattle Times, so I'll probably cancel the LA Times subscription. But I've enjoyed reading their neighborhood and food features. If you like reading about food, I recommend reading Bill Addison's latest about 12 new restaurants in LA. It is an incredible article. I love stories about restaurants and the people behind them. Standard warning applies - do not read on an empty stomach.

I have a I'll never actually write it story in mind, so I did some quick research to see if the idea is played out. Involves photography. Stumbled on this enjoyable article about the best photography movies. Saw that there's an old movie about a previous idea I had. I think my idea would still work. After all, there are only so many variations of basic ideas and themes. The publishing industry would be in a world of hurt had we stopped at Caveman falls in love with Cavewoman, but she loves another.

It's a good list of movies. Heavy on the white male perspective. No time like the present to change that.