Odds and Ends

The finale of Severance was intense. (No Spoilers here.) I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Our main characters had a window, of unknown length, to reflect and gain awareness about their circumstances. A window that could close at any moment. Some of their actions confused me, but the episode was fantastic.

I wish there weren't so many streaming options. I try to keep my subscription to 1. It's currently HBO, but I'm more interested in the offerings than the channel. The positives outweigh the negatives. I enjoy hearing people talk about what they're watching and why.

I met some friends at La Dive the other night. A perfect evening. I got the potato dumplings and the boquerones toast. The dumplings, with a red sauce that brought the heat, were excellent. The toast was good, but I'd probably try something else on a return visit. I'm all in on anchovies; this toast seemed built for someone who liked the idea of anchovies but wanted enough other flavors to run interference.

Doing some spring cleaning, which means I have some random scans.

Corvus and Company staff and regulars on the patio, Capitol Hill, Seattle. A great photo printed terrible. Bad ink, blown highlights, indistinguishable faces. I love it.
Corvus and Co, Seattle. My friend Edyn took the photo, which in its actual form, is amazing. This is the print on an unreliable printer. I love it, even though I hate the printer.

My parents found an old postcard they meant to send me from Istanbul. I've been meaning to scan it in.

A postcard showing Istanbul's Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. The colors are overly vibrant.
Empires rise, fall, give way, and then encourage tourism. Constantinople / Istanbul.

I'll always be fascinated by that imperial age. Can you imagine being a young Constantine and announcing one day, "We're moving the capital from Rome to this somewhat obscure Greek colony."