Pike Pine is a ghost town. I should qualify that. There are loads of fantastic local businesses in Capitol Hill that are slogging out this pandemic, and if takeout food or quick in and out shopping is in your COVID comfort zone, please consider spending money there. I got a brown rice plate from Mai's Kitchen tonight, and it was delicious, wonderfully simple.

But there are a lot of businesses that can't tap into the volume and energy that fuels their existence. We're all just ghosts hovering on the periphery hoping that they make it through the next four months.

Comet Tavern Seattle
Comet Tavern, Capitol Hill, Seattle, November 2016.

I can't wait to be annoyed by crowds again. I will revel in my cantankerous "do you have to take up the whole sidewalk?" internal rants. I prefer them to my "have you heard of masks?" internal rants.

Addendum: I don't do a lot of post-processing on photos, for a myriad of reasons. (I like the word myriad and will always try to use it, even when a dozen other words would have worked better.). Post-processing isn't easy, I'm lazy, and I like the idea of trying to shoot what the eye sees. That last reason is pretty ridiculous. Photography is always about what you include and what you exclude. I have no problem with cropping (unless it's photojournalism - don't mess with the photo!), I just don't do it.

But sometimes it's fun to try new things. I cropped a couple of the above images. I'm curious about how they'll compare on screen. Cropping involves pixels, dimensions, math...ugh, I'm already getting a headache. Let's just have a look and call it a night.

Comet Comet Comet Chameleon.
Comet Comet Comet Chameleon.