Out of the Shoebox: It's a bingo!

Out of the Shoebox: It's a bingo!

Frozen veggies are better than canned veggies. Look, I'm not trying to pick a fight here. They're both winners in my book. But I rate the frozen veggies higher. There might be some familiarity breeds contempt going on, so more testing is needed.

Man, it hurts when I think about how few people read this blog. Look at those pearls of wisdom they're missing out on. I might have to look into billboard ads for marketing this blog. People are missing out. Is how few people read this even a proper word combination?

I've drank a lot of coffee during the pandemic. And before the pandemic, really. I'm not a connoisseur. I like to try different brands, but I usually choose them based on label and location. And for the love of javaweh, no hazelnut, no vanilla, no flavors at all.

The thing I really appreciate about a good bag of coffee is - easy to open. I swear some of those coffee companies are using adhesives strong enough to hold...well, strong ass adhesives. I've taken scissors to a few bags. You're not going to see me highlighting their products (unless they pay me...I'm skilled in the use of scissors, it's not actually a big deal...get in touch deep pockets coffee roasters...disregard my earlier comment about a small audience...Marketing 101...you never want to underestimate the potential of a blog that routinely shows up on page 300 of Google searches...that's a valuable demographic...you want to reach that sweet spot between committed, determined researchers and bot webcrawlers.)

I'm making some progress on gathering photos for a couple of photozine projects. Sounds way more impressive than it is. They're for me. I might make a few extra copies for some folks, but it's a hobby, not commercial. Assembling photozines/books is fun. As I've mentioned ad nauseum, it offers fun distractions, like the photo below. Laura Shelly and Boots Brady, two Capitol Hill icons. In addition to several other creative endeavors (Boots is a makeup artist pro, and Laura is a talented writer/actor), they ran (fingers crossed run) bingo games in Seattle. I stopped in at the Comet Tavern one night to grab a photo.

Boots Brady Laura Shelly Comet Tavern Capitol Hill Seattle 2017
Boots and Laura, Comet Tavern, Capitol Hill, Seattle, June 2017.