Out of the Shoebox: Tobias, Anna, and Athena

Out of the Shoebox: Tobias, Anna, and Athena

Chop Suey, Capitol Hill, mid-June 2017. I remember it being cold for June. I thought my memory might be off (always a good chance), but Anna's wearing a jacket, so maybe not.

I should back up. Chop Suey's side bar was (will be again) an accessible, informal spot for local musicians. It's also a short walk from my place, which is nice. This is a photo of Tobias the Owl from outside the venue.

I love this photo, even though one of the things I love about it is a little misleading but ultimately very true. I think it captures the musician's grind. Elijah, who fronts Tobias, is a doctor with a stressful day gig. He's serious about his music, which ends up being a second job. (Don't worry, Elijah's not the stay out late bust up a hotel room type. He's there for the music and the community.)

So why misleading? Taking the photo from outside at this angle makes it look lonelier than it was. It's an intimate venue, and people show up to see Tobias, even on a weekday. I caught a fortunate angle.

There's another reason I like this photo - Anna St. Lee, a favorite local musician, is off to the side enjoying the show. Her cat Athena is there, too, waiting to spend a few nights with Tobias the Catsitting Owl.

Tobias the Owl at Chop Suey Seattle
Tobias the Owl, Chop Suey, Capitol Hill, Seattle, June 2017.