I've made it to mid-March 2017 in the photo catalog. Apologies 5 regular readers, about to provide some context for that. I'll keep it short. I'm a photozine convert/amateur, so I'm trying to put together a few coherently organized zines. Nothing fancy, not for sale, just for me. It's fun. But it requires going through one's photo catalog, and I am easily distracted.

While scrolling through the catalog at a snail's pace, I stopped at this panorama of Cal Anderson Park...I think technically this is the Bobby Morris Playfield. I'm not sure how the Ghost platform handles panoramas. Worth a test. You can also see off in the distance the construction of the building that is home to Hugo House...seems like a triumphant return to Capitol Hill for Hugo House.

Bobby Morris Playfield Capitol Hill Seattle
Bobby Morris Playfield.

Does the panorama display ok? Seems ok on my laptop. Will check it later on a phone.