Shoulda been a tweet: Good job WA

The COVID rollercoaster is inevitable, but we could all use some good news now and again. Washington, we're headed in the right direction. Let's wear those masks folks. With luck we can get that mysterious R number under 1.

I'm fascinated by charts. I remember saying holy shit in March/April...and then things took off in June. It will be interesting to read the analyses by smart UW students about the June increase. It would be silly to say that the BLM protests didn't play a role, but I have an anecdotal (unscientific) observation on that - most of the people I saw at the protests were wearing masks, were outside, and were aware of space. I suspect that the re-opening, seasonal work, and a sense of ok we made it was a bigger factor in the increasing numbers. Who knows, though, that's why those studies will be interesting.