Shoulda been a tweet: Uni pasta?

If you like reading about food, I think you'll enjoy Iman Stevenson's article about Zac Posen and his uni spaghetti. It's a fun, well-written article. I didn't know anything about Zac Posen or uni. Now I know that he's an accomplished, creative designer who makes what sounds like a delicious spaghetti dish. And I know a lot more about sea urchins. I'm not usually a fan of creamy foods, but I'd definitely give this a try.

There's one drawback to reading these fun little cooking with so and so articles. I'm reminded that I have not spent my pandemic designing fashions for upcoming movies, growing food in a garden, and cooking up wonderful meals. There are some talented, hard-working folks out there.

My kitchen experience today was coffee, a giant apple that may not have been ready for prime time, and some hummus. My stomach is telling me that we're gonna need to hold off on pasta with heavy cream and the gonads of sea urchins.