Unexpected Purchase

Unexpected Purchase
Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Note: This post is a few weeks old, sitting in my drafts. What the heck, I'm posting it.

I'm not thrilled about the wet, cold Seattle March. In happier times, I would be. It's about this time that I start (very low-key) dreading the summer heat and smoke without air conditioning. But my early 1900s apartment building's furnace stopped working, again, and the apartment is cold.

It's not a catastrophe. Sweaters, longjohns (do people still use that word?), blankets...more than adequate. Things happen, but fair's fair. It's also ok to feel like you're paying way too much for an apartment at times.

I went to the local hardware store and got a space heater that I'll probably use for three days. Little fella's doing its best, and I'm grateful for being able to shell out the $40, but a part of me thinks the apartment building should give us all $200 off our next month's rent. Fat chance.

It's not really a $ figure I'm worried about. If tenants do something wrong, they lose out on their security deposit or pay a penalty. If something happens with the building, tenants get a sorry it happened in the wee hours of Friday, we hope we can get someone in by Monday. Stay warm!  Again, I stress, it's not a catastrophe. I like writing, and that sometimes involves complaining.  It's not like I'm getting a telegram from Pete Buttagieg - I'm really sorry you live next to a rail line that is cutting all kinds of budgetary corners while transporting deadly chemicals. I'll try to get there soon for a visit on a USG jet. The service is wonderful! But please keep in mind - these derailments happen all the time. Cheers! (FWIW, I like Pete B. I think he should have gotten to East Palestine sooner, though.)

Tonight's The Last of Us was really good. Warning - very violent. Don't worry, no spoilers. Anyone who saw the previous episode would have figured on this one focusing on Ellie. Bella Ramsey turned in another incredible performance. I thought it was a little rushed, though. I'm sure they're making hard decisions with schedules and budgets. I'd have liked to see this one spread out over two episodes.

Discussions about movies and shows are throwing me for a loop. I text with and talk to different groups of friends about movies. My wires are getting crossed. I need to start a spreadsheet. Apologies if I've mentioned Slow West before. Re-watched it a while back. I like it. A Western, a little surreal, revisionist, fantastical, and artsy. Good performances all around. It was fun to see Rory McCann outside of Game of Thrones, and Caren Pistorious was great as Rose.

I like reading the scripts for movies. I'm always jotting down notes for story ideas and imagining them played out on the big screen. 90% of the time, when I revisit those notes in journals or on my phone, I can't decipher what the hell it was I was talking about. John Maclean's script for Slow West makes it look easy, even though I know it's incredibly difficult. I'm not including a link for it since the site I used then sent me to a PDF link, which was fine. If you ever want to read the script, I'm sure you can find it.