What goes up...

Quick post. If you've had more than enough of COVID, just skip this one.

I'm fascinated by the very consistent rises and falls of this lousy virus. During every surge, just as people are warning that things are going off the rails, the case numbers fall. Scientists are still trying to figure out why. They've got lots of plausible theories, but they're still not sure. I thought this New York Magazine article did a great job of looking at surges and declines.

Man, I imagine teachers are working these things into science, math, statistics, and civics courses. Even ethics courses. I hope public policy classes are looking at Slate's article about the Noble Lie. Very interesting article. I know where I fall in that argument. Tell us what you think you know and what you're not sure about. Don't tell us something you hope will prompt a certain response. That would make for an interesting classroom debate!