On 20 May 2017, about 20 musicians and bands took to the stages at Obsidian for a day of music at the Olympia Acoustic Festival. Paul Mauer is the organizing force behind the festival, which is now in its fifth year. Paul describes the festival as a “celebration of the collaboration and the diverse acoustically driven music and artists of the Pacific Northwest.”
Paul Mauer out front of Obsidian (1 of 1)

Obsidian is a cafe, coffee shop, and live music venue. Obsidian’s layout allowed two bands to play simultaneously, one on the main stage and the other on the cafe stage, which is actually more of an open area well-suited for solo acts or small bands. Obsidian must have invested in some quality sound proofing – the main stage did not drown out the cafe area. The shows were usually a little staggered, though. The festival went from about 1400 through midnight, with people coming and going throughout. (See below for a complete list of the performers. It was a long day. I missed a couple of the performances but will try to get photos of them from other people.)

Sarah St Albin (6 of 7)

Sarah St Albin (1 of 7)

David Johnson (1 of 1)

Marsalis (1 of 1)

Anna St Lee (1 of 1)

Anna St Lee 2 (1 of 1)

Fox and Bones (1 of 1)

Casper Wakefield (1 of 1)

Sustenance Obsidian (1 of 1)

Paul Mauer Sound (1 of 1)

The Mix Position (1 of 1)

Birds of a Feather (1 of 1)

Ghostpepper Collective (1 of 1)

PM The Dude (1 of 1)

M Sawyer (1 of 1)

ALanders (1 of 1)

Sandi Fernandez (1 of 1)

Paul Mauer of Paul Mauer and the Silence (1 of 1)

Sol Shine (1 of 1)

TTO ED and ASL (1 of 1)

Tobias the Owl violin (1 of 1)

Tobias the Owl bass (1 of 1)

Tobias the Owl keyboard (1 of 1)

Tobias the Owl ED intense (1 of 1)

Gabriel Wolfchild and the Northern Light (1 of 1)

Gabriel Wolfchild and the Northern Light 2 (1 of 1)

Performers (from the event’s website):


2p blue star
3p david johnson
4p anna st. lee
5p sol shine
6p casper wakefield
7p birds of a feather
8p micaiah sawyer
9p sandi fernandez
10P magnuson


2.30p sarah st. albin
3.30p marsalis
4.30p fox and bones
5.30p trona
6.30p the mix position
7.30p the ghost pepper collection
8.30p andrew lander and the mainstreet struggle ville
9.30p paul mauer and the silence
10.30p tobias the owl
11.30p gabriel wolfchild and the northern light