Standing Tall...

Standing Tall...

This beauty is often elusive.
Mount Rainier 6 June 2017 (1 of 1)

I shot that image RAW and then made some adjustments in Lightroom. Added some graduated filters, adjusted contrast, and selected the Fujifilm Velvia film simulation. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very methodical about it and didn’t make any notes before hitting Reset on the image.

I opened it again, from scratch, and experimented some more with Lightroom. I wasn’t as happy with the results.

Mount Rainier 6 June 2017 second color edit (1 of 1)

Same image, but I think the second one looks flat. The second one is probably closer to what I actually saw, but the first one is probably closer to how I felt after walking up to the roof and seeing Rainier clearly off in the distance. It doesn’t happen every day around here.

I’ll add a black and white for good measure.

MTR black and white (1 of 1)