Bait Shop Burger

Bait Shop Burger

I’m not much of a carnivore. I’ll have a burger or two a year, and I’ll eat meat here and there, usually at cookouts or at a friend’s house for dinner. I cut out most meat back in 2002, without really giving it much thought. In the past few years I’ve started eating meat more often, but it’s still pretty rare (definitely not aiming for a pun there). Everything needs a label these days, though. Pescetarian with a haphazard emphasis on grains, fruits, eggs, and vegetables probably sums it up. That sounds healthier on paper than it actually is. I have a weakness for prosciutto.
But sometimes you just start craving a burger. Maybe you’ve seen them fly by on plates headed for nearby tables. One too many Instagram images of a delicious looking In-N-Out burger being eaten by beautiful, sun-drenched people who have made the obligatory burger pilgrimage while visiting the West Coast. For whatever reason, I’ve been thinking about grabbing a burger for the past couple of months. I got close a few times, but kept changing my mind.

From what I hear, there are a lot of good burger places in Seattle. I like that those places have loyal fans and devotees. I like being out and hearing people debate the merits of one place over another. My preference, though, is for grabbing a burger in a restaurant or diner, ideally a neighborhood place I’ve been to, or one that I have walked by and caught a glimpse of an awesome looking burger. That starts narrowing the list to Linda’s, Harry’s Fine Foods, Bait Shop, Corvus, the 5 Point, Lost Lake, the Deluxe Bar and Grill, or Witness. I’m not even sure if all of those places even have burgers.

I think deep down I knew it was going to be Bait Shop. I’ve been eyeing their burger for a while now. And what better time to have a burger than on the 4th of July? I got one. It looked incredible and tasted even better.

Bait Shop burger Capitol Hill Seattle

It gets a discreet mention mid-way through the paper menu on the left side. I don’t even think I noticed it the first few times I ate there. They warn you that daily quantities are limited. I can see why. I’d recommend splitting it with someone. I destroyed mine, but I left a few fries in the basket as a demonstration of willpower.