Consuming Journalism: Just for Clicks

I remember when Yahoo’s homepage was a decent source of news from a variety of publications. That was a long time ago. I still click on Yahoo occasionally, part Pavlovian response and also to get a quick sense of whether there are any international breaking news stories. Today may have been my last visit to Yahoo. In their feed, they posted a link to a Fox News story featuring video from the tragic final moments inside a helicopter that was carrying a bride, the bride’s brother, a photographer, and the pilot to a wedding ceremony. The helicopter crashed, killing all four.
I can’t think of any journalistic rationale for publishing the video. It strikes me as sensational and built for clicks and kicks. Full disclosure: I watched the video. For the most part, I was interested in whether there was any information contained in the video that would warrant its publication. But I’m also not immune to the pull of sensationalism and disaster. My lack of click discipline isn’t a supporting argument for the value of the video.

I’m posting the text below. I don’t want to post an actual link to the story. I’d be interested in hearing thoughts on whether these sorts of stories benefit anyone. I can’t think of any reason for anyone other than investigators, family members, lawyers, and aircraft safety organizations viewing the video.


Video shows doomed bride inside helicopter as it crashed taking her to wedding

Fox News Thu, Jul 6 1:00 AM PDT