On the Streets: Nina at Downpour Coffee

On the Streets: Nina at Downpour Coffee

One of the many things I like about Seattle is that you can always find a good cup of coffee. I’m not really a connoisseur, though. I’m fine with a cup of gas station coffee if it hasn’t been sitting on the burner all day. It’s the coffee shops themselves that make the difference.

Downpour Coffee is on Harvard Avenue East. They have another location in Redmond. The owners and staff are all really friendly. It took me a long time to realize that they have rain clouds on the ceiling and that some of the Seattle-themed art on the walls is discreetly Star Wars-themed art. There’s a writers’ group or two who have made this a weekend base. On Saturdays (maybe it’s Sundays) the place is packed with people at tables, typing or scribbling away and exchanging ideas.

I got coffee there today and met Nina. Very cool dog.

Nina at Capitol Hill's Downpour Coffee, February 2018.

Nina at Capitol Hill’s Downpour Coffee, February 2018.