I went to Dino’s Tomato Pie last night to celebrate a friend’s final shift there before she starts an exciting new job. Dino’s has a great look to it. I’d say it’s photogenic, but for me it has been elusively photogenic. Each time I’m there I want to take out the camera, but I’ve never been able to get what’s in my head into the camera.

Last night Dino’s was uncharacteristically slow. It was late on a Tuesday, and there’d been some funny weather earlier in the day. Anyway, the tables near Dino’s (Dino’s’?) great windows were empty, so I tried for a couple of shots. When I reviewed my photos later I realized that there were two people holding hands in one of the photos. Didn’t even notice that in the moment. It was a pleasant little surprise.


Dino's Tomato Pie, Capitol Hill, Seattle, May 2018.

Dino’s Tomato Pie, Capitol Hill, Seattle, May 2018.