I went to Capitol Hill’s Poppy for the first time last night. A friend of mine was working, so I thought I’d duck in for a beer and say hello. Their main dinner menu is a little out of budget, so I was just going to stay for a cold beer.

Luckily my friend pointed out the naanwiches on their “Late Happy Hour”, which runs from 2100 to 2230 Sunday – Thursday. I had the cauliflower fritter. It was delicious and filling, and at $8 not too expensive for Seattle. I think the main item was falafel, but I’m not sure how it was prepared. I know, details are important. I’ll be sure to ask them next time. Curried cauliflower, pickled vegetables, yogurt sauce, and naan completed the dish. (I apologize for the terrible photo.)

Cauliflower Naanwich at Poppy (1 of 1).jpg