Harry's Fine Foods

Harry's Fine Foods

I ate at Harry’s Fine Foods the other night. I love that place. It’s fairly small and often busy, so there’s a lot of activity and energy. I like being able to see into the kitchen. It’s a parade of great food, but you also get a great sense of the hard work and skill that goes into putting food on tables. It’s what I imagine it must have been like being in an episode of one of Bourdain’s shows.

Harry's Fine Foods, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2018. Fujifilm X100T.

Harry’s Fine Foods, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2018. Fujifilm X100T.

I had a vegetable tofu curry. I wish I’d written down the description. It was delicious. I hadn’t eaten at Harry’s for a while. I would definitely call it reasonably priced for the quality of food, the service, and the setting, but the price does make it an occasional treat for me. I’m ok with that – the anticipation makes it that much better.

I ate at the bar. I liked overhearing a couple tell the bartender that they used to live in the neighborhood and were visiting for a walk down memory lane. Before its current incarnation as a great neighborhood restaurant it was a corner store whose best days were behind it. The couple mentioned they were surprised to see that it was now a bustling, vibrant restaurant and realized they had to stop in.